Legato Bluesummers (legato_bleu) wrote in planetgunsmoke,
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nothing... happening... brain... exploding...

c'mon, people, let's see some liveliness! yes! yes, i can see it now!

...no, i can't.

seriously, though, if shit doesn't start happening soon, this is gonna turn into a one-man rp, 'cause i won't be able to restrain myself from posting any longer. ^^;; yes, i am just that pathetic. so: citizens! rescue me from my fate of solitary dorkdom!

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Gomennn, ves'tacha! I was off forcing Nick to sit through the caucuses and hanging around insulting people with the Hornfreak, in what he persisted in referring to as 'The Complex.' (I swear, that's what K. called the hotel. XD)

i'll be goood. ::nods innocently.::