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I'll finish my ic post soon. really. ::lazy and swamped simultaneously.:: For the moment: Some bits of Nick's astrology, as calculated according to the random date i decided to make his birthday.

Neptune in the First House
You enjoy acting and putting on different "faces" for others to see. A very sensitive person, you pick up impressions from others very easily. Thus you sense what another person is about and can imitate him or her if you wish. However, this can create some problems, for if you are around someone who feels unhappy or negative, you immediately pick up that mood. It becomes part of you without you realizing it, as if you were a sponge for other people's feelings and emotions.

Neptune in Sagittarius
This placement should produce a generation of extreme idealists. Even with older people, this energy has brought about a religious revival unparalleled in this century. As is characteristic of both Neptune and Sagittarius, most of these religions are sects from other countries such as India, and their teachings are quite foreign to Western tradition. However, there is also a strong Christian revival, especially among the fundamentalist and Pentecostal sects. The children of this time will continue that trend.

Jupiter Trine Neptune
With this aspect you are likely to be very interested in religion, metaphysics and spiritual matters - unusually profound subjects for a person of your age. At this time you are not able to deal with these ideas in a very sophisticated way, but you want to know about God, the relation of man to God, and what God means to you in particular. You use your own language and your own imagery in thinking about this, but you are definitely concerned with these ideas quite early in life.

Also you are more of an idealist than most, although you will soon understand the world as it really is. Sometimes you are quite impractical, but only because you have such a deep desire to make the world a better place than it is.

Many people with this aspect are quite unselfish. You are able to see that what benefits others benefits you as well, which is true, but most young people are not able to see that. Even while you are quite young, you may become involved in charitable projects, such as taking care of sick, disabled or disadvantaged people. Or you may enjoy taking care of sick or wounded animals.

Basically you are an optimist. You recognize that the world has its faults, but you feel that on the whole it is all right. Also you are willing to take considerable chances if you feel the goal is worthwhile. Others may think of you as a gambler, but you don't usually gamble for frivolous reasons.

Venus Opposition Ascendant
You are at your best working with one person, because you like to get to know people one at a time. You prefer to be with warm and friendly people, for you need love and affection from others and will work very hard to get it. But the problem is that if you concentrate on what others think and say, you may not learn to stand on your own two feet.

Nevertheless, you should have no trouble getting along with other people. You don't want to make enemies; in fact, you work very hard to avoid conflict.

You like loving and feeling loved.

Later in life, your close love relationships sex should be very positive. Probably you will attract persons who are good for you, and you will probably marry only once and quite happily.

But of course, like -all- astrological things (moreso, because I just made his birthday up ^^) it can also be GLARINGLY inaccurate. I offer up the following:

Venus Trine Midheaven
This aspect means that you love working with and owning beautiful things, so that later you may have a career in art, crafts, decorating or another field involving beauty. But it also means that you have a harmonious nature, that you like to have a good time with others. You are not especially aggressive, preferring to give in or smooth over a possible dispute rather than fight. This is not because you lack self-confidence, but because you hate conflict. You are very warmhearted and friendly, and you like your relationships to be smooth.

Your relationship with your parents should be quite positive, and your early life should be very pleasant. When you are older, you will have happy memories of these years. You also get along well with persons in authority over you, such as teachers and later on, employers. If you want, you can easily charm and flatter them, but you shouldn't do this ordinarily, because others will lose respect for you.

So on and so forth. I'll quit spamming now. ^_____^
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