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planetgunsmoke's Journal

Planet Gunsmoke - Trigun Roleplay
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Planet Gunsmoke is a community for Trigun roleplay.

Because we have an organized game with an established storyline, we keep a closed community. If you are a Trigun roleplayer who would like to be involved in a serious, organized game, please follow the following procedure:

  • Check our list of taken characters below to confirm that your choice of character is available
  • Create a new, in-character journal for this character, if you have not already
  • E-mail me at the e-mail address listed above (or click here) to request to be added to the community

Follow these procedures and we'll be more than happy to add you! *^_^*

Anyone who does not follow these procedures will not be allowed to play and will be sacrificed as an offering to Yasuhiro Nightow.

Current Cast:
Vash the Stampede
Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Meryl Stryfe
Milly Thompson
Millions Knives
Legato Bluesummers
Midvalley the Hornfreak
E.G. Mine
Zazie the Beast
Dominique the Cyclops
Rai-Dei the Blade
Rem Saverem

Founded 10-06-02